Volunteer in Nizag on Nariz del Diablo

The Nizag are an indigenous community of Cañari People who live in the Andes above the the famous "Nariz del Diablo" mountain in Ecuador's Central Andes
$350 x month

Foundation ASONIC in Quito’s Mariscal

Located in downtown Quito, the ASONIC Foundation provides accommodation, support, and therapy, to families from the Ecuadorian countryside whose children are suffering from cancer.
$50 administration fee

Mascarilla Cultural Revival Program

The enterprising women of Mascarilla have created a cultural center using ceramic art as a vehicle for education and empowerment of the Afro-Ecuadorian community's youth

ARCA Animal Protectors

The ARCA Foundation is a non-profit with almost 15 years of experience being the front-line of defense for vulnerable animals in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Cuenca.

Almawa Fashion Cooperative

In the northern Andes of Ecuador, a cooperative of Kichwa women in the town of La Esperanza create modern fashion designs that are true to their indigenous heritage
$600 month long course