ecuador volunteering

Specialized Volunteer Programs in Ecuador

Almawa Fashion Cooperative

In the mountains of La Esperanza, a famous town in Imbabura province, a cooperative of Kichwa women create modern fashion designs that are true to their indigenous heritage

Foundation ASONIC

The ASONIC Foundation in Quito supports parents whose children have cancer. The foundation provides free accommodation to children and young...

Cloud Forest Conservation

The Pachamama Army was created to protect and regenerate areas of coastal forests in the Andes of Bolivar province which have been decimated by deforestation.
$310 x month

Mascarilla Cultural Revival Program

The Afro-Ecuadorian people of Mascarilla are a proud and enterprising people that use ceramic art and cultural events to enrich and strengthen...

Animal Rescue Center

The Zanja Arajuno Animal Rescue Center in the rainforest near the Amazonian city of Puyo is run by a family with over a decade of experience in conservation.
$225 x month

Project SER in Macas

The mission of Project Ser is to facilitate the communal creation of alternative spaces of human development, focusing on humanist ideals and living in harmony with the environment.
$65 x week

ARCA Animal Protectors

The ARCA Foundation is a non-profit with almost 15 years of experience being the front-line of defense for vulnerable animals in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Cuenca.

Omaere Ethnobotanical Park in Puyo

The Omaere Ethnobotanical Park in the Ecuadorian Amazon is a beautiful botanical park which educates visitors about the importance of the rainforest and its rivers.
$100 suggested donation

Volunteer on Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands is a beautiful archipelago off the coast of Ecuador with no shortage of environmental problems for volunteers to tackle.
$525 x two weeks